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I'm running into a few challenges with the Wizard component in Spark.  First, I have a page Include in the first step that loads when the page is loaded.  If I navigate to a second step and then navigate back the page include is gone.  To get around this, I add the run component action to re-load the page include when the Back button is clicked.  While not ideal, I can work with it, however, this action is not able to be added to the progress icons(yellow), which also navigate between steps.  So this creates a pretty major disconnect between the behavior of the buttons and the step icons.


As a side note, having the component action to reload page includes is freaking awesome.


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    I've noticed that behavior with Page Includes in general. So if you have two page includes separated into tabs, the first one will load on click, second one will load on click, but if you toggle between the two after that both disappear.

    One thing i'd add to wizard navigation issues is clicking the 1-2-3 icons doesn't evaluate the "Next" actions. So someone could just click 2 without the action sequence for 1->2 occurring. 
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