I can not get the system in Public Community to upload file

Hey All, 

I have this page. https://dcdogs.force.com/Application/s/test?id=a046F00001kPZvZQAW 

I am unable to upload the files to this page (public communities) and I have enabled the new flag today to allow Guest to be able to upload into the portal 

This shows what should between the Red and green text - It just does nothing 

This is the settings for the upload under the red text 

I need some help as I cant get this work and I am ready to throw my computer out of the window :( 

I am not going to use a VF page for this as I am unable to work out how to send some of the URL (so the object ID part) though WF and communities. 

I can get the form to show in WF using the following code but I cant sent the object ID :( 

<apex:page standardController="Recipient__c"


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