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Pat VachonPat Vachon 💎💎💎
edited March 26, 2020 in Ideas
The 12.0.1 and 12.0.4 of the Wizard has built in step navigation bar. We have the option to click on it to navigate directly to that step. There are times when I'd like to display the step but not allow clicking on the step to navigate. ie. required fields
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  • edited February 18, 2019
    Pat, totally agree. This one came up internally too. It's a planned improvement. 
  • edited May 9, 2019
    Also, the user can bypass any action framework built on the 'Next' button if they click the icon it's self which is problematic. Being able to lock the steps directly from navigation would prevent that but it's still nice to see the navigation bar.
  • Brian LeeBrian Lee 🛠️ 
    edited March 26, 2020
    Thank you for your patience! Skuid has fixed the issue you raised regarding disabling/hiding progress indicator buttons (issue DSC-629) in the new 12.2.2 release which is now available on the Skuid Releases page.

    As a reminder, Salesforce does NOT allow reverting back to prior versions of managed packages. Skuid always recommends installing new versions in a non-business critical sandbox environment to test all mission critical functionality before installing into a production environment. We also recommend that you update out of date themes after you upgrade. Please let us know if you continue to encounter any problems with this issue after upgrading.
    Thanks again for alerting us of this issue!
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