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Just like to say that API v2 has so many great features! However I cant seem to find a way to render a lookup field as a combobox ( preferred ) or a picklist, as was available in API v1. The combobox render type was available in 12.0.1 but didnt seem to work correctly, now in 12.0.2 I cant find the option at all.

This was excellent for creating a quick and clear user experience. Any ideas on how i can achieve this functionality in API v2?

Thank you!


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    Just to fully clarifiy: Reference fields used to allow you to select Field Render as Autocomplete. or Picklist. And a UI Only field used to allow the combobox selection. I am struggling to find either in API v2.
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    Hi MWS, as far as I know, it's the plan to include the picklist as field renderer for reference fields in a future release, but we don’t have a target date/release at this point.
    In V2, I tested a reference field in a form component, and the field is autocomplete automatically (version 12.0.4).

    Regarding the UI-only fields which used to allow the combobox selection, this was removed in version 12.0.2:
    "DSC-619 - Remove Combobox override options in V2 Page Composer" (https://www.skuid.com/releases/salesforce/)
    However, you can set it up as a reference field, which uses autocomplete automatically.

    Is this information helpful for you?
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