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We use RingCentral's call center/softphone stuff and ha e run into this issue. When a call is taken, the agent can't grab the whoid from the record to put into a task due to the Skuid/vf page being there. The solution is below but I dont know where to put it!! Or if I even can put it somewhere to solve this?? Help. Visualforce Page: Who/(Name) and What/Relates To values are not populated in Salesforce Agent If a customer is using custom Visualforce pages on any of objects (Standard/Custom) and Who and What are not populated with objects that are recently opened. NICE inContact agent application does not know the object that are being opened, because the Open CTI can't identify the object Type and Id from the custom visualforce page. Solution Customers have to make changes in their custom visualforce page implementation to include the additional query parameters to pass the required values as below. The query parameters and its values are "object=&objectId=&objectName="


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    Hi Lauren, is this still an issue for you? If so, read on!

    From what I am reading you'd have to find a way to include the Object, ObjectId, and objectName URL Parameters. Could you describe / post a screenshot of where your agents are taking calls from? Depending on how you built out your Skuid Pages there are different solutions.

    As an example, assuming you are redirecting to an Account Detail View that's also Skuid Page, the easiest way would be to have the following Redirect URL (doable from the Actions Sequence or a Button):
    On the other hand, if you have a Popup that opens up Page Includes, things get a bit more tricky. Let me know if that is the case and I can elaborate further! :)

    Peter K.
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