Process model client side checkbox not always true

Jack SanfordJack Sanford San Antonio, TX 💎💎
edited January 15, 2019 in Questions
I've noticed that if you enable caching on a Master page, and click Ok to make all the models client-side, on child page models the box will be checked that says Process model client side, however in the XML the processonclient="true" tag is missing. This hasn't triggered any failures before, but now that it's being enforced that server side models cannot depend on client side models, it's causing errors. Except that the errors aren't being shown - i think because the box is checked - the models on child pages that depend on a master model just won't load if they have Abort model's query set if the master model has no rows. The solution was to uncheck the box and check it again to Process model on client side, or go into the XML and paste processonclient="true" in the model's header. 
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