Module Size Issue

David ForderDavid Forder ✭✭
edited December 28, 2018 in Questions
We have around 80 skuid pages in a module in a managed app which we cant bundle into a static resource as we hit the salesforce 5Mb static resource size limit.

Is there any way we can run apex to unpack the module and then a second piece of apex to unpack a second page pack perhaps?

Any ideas.


  • Bill McCulloughBill McCullough 💎💎
    edited December 24, 2018

    Looks like you can run:
    skuid.Utils.PageRefreshResult RefreshPagesFromStaticResource(nameOfStaticResource)

    to unpack pages from any static resource.

    I found this by looking at the PageList 'page' from Skuid and examining the Static Resource 'SkuidPageListJS'l



  • David ForderDavid Forder ✭✭
    edited December 25, 2018
    Thanks Bill.. I will give it a try! Merry Xmas
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