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I have tabset with page includes on a number of the tabs. Some of them are rendering...but not consistently and one of them isn't rendering at all. I'm certain it's a blatant setting I'm missing but I'm not super familiar with page! Here are the settings on the one that isn't rendering. The page being used has 4 of the models that the parent page has. I've given them unique names. I don't know what else to try. Thanks!



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    It does look like you're passing in a query string, a parameter with a value from another model. I wonder if that's your problem. Do you have query strings on the page includes that are loading?

    If you were getting an error that you cannot load the page include, I usually check that I have a copy of the Include Visualforce page (see Prerequisites section on the link below).
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    There's no just doesn't render. And the strange thing is, I'm not passing a query string for any of the other page includes and they ARE working?

    And yes, I have a copy of the Include VF page.

    Here's what it looks like. I originally had it rendering only if the Eating Disorder question was set to YES but I've since removed that to try and figure this thing out. There are other PIs on the Mood & Anxiety, Substance Use and Medical Hx tabs that render just fine.
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    1) What version of skuid are you using?
    2) Is the rendering rule deleted? (An empty rule, with no field name will return 'false'.)
    3) Does the tab itself fail to render, or is the content of the tab (the included page) empty?
    4) Are there any Actions or Rendering rules on the tab itself (not the tabset)?
    5) Can you clarify what you have with model names. Are the models populated in the parent page and referenced in the include, or does the include define additional models with similar but distinct names?
    6) When/how do the models in the included page get populated?
    7) Have you tried something like adding a Page Title to the included page to verify that the page itself is either being rendered or not, regardless of the model(s) having data or not.
    8) Have you looked at the browser's developer console for any error messages?

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    Hi Lauren, is it possible that the misbehaving page actually is loading, but it has no records in its models, so it appears blank? Also, do you see any errors in the browser's developer console that might indicate what's happening? 
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    I AM getting an error:[Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check
    send @ skuid__JQueryJS:3

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    I've seen that before, and it actually shouldn't be causing any issues in the page. Mike Dwyer shared some useful questions to look into as well, if you can. It could be that the included page is loading, but if there are no record in its models, the components may not display (to test this, check question # 7).
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