Can I embed a standard lightning page in a skuid page?

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I never needed to do this before, but because the lightning pages are so nice, we now have a need to embed Lightning pages within a skuid page. Here is my use case: 1. We have a table of Campaign Members 2. We created a row action that displays a sliding panel from the right 3. The content of the sliding panel displays the related Lead/Contact info I’d like to embed the standard lightning page for a Lead/Contact in the sliding panel so I don’t have to recreate it with Skuid. Is this possible? Thanks!


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    Hi Gary, I'm sorry to see that your post remained without an answer. You probably found another way in the meantime, however I wanted to share this information as response to your question: LockerService prevents putting Lightning components into Skuid pages, so we don't have that functionality anymore. We know it's not quite the same thing, but we'd encourage you to investigate using the Lightning App Builder to put Skuid page components into Lightning pages instead.
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