Hi when clicking to view a skuid page a blank page opens up

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We have like 4-5 users and it is happening only for one user. And the strange thing is when i am logging as user i can see the page.

Please find the attached console error 


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    can be a browser issue?
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    I have seen browsers handle js differently from one to another.  Can the user try in a different browser to try to rule out that variable?
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    He is using google chrome and i am also using the same. I am able to see but he is not
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    Once someone else logged in as him and see the page he will be able to see but as soon he clears the cache  he is not able to see it again.
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    Can someone please help? The user is using the latest chrome version '70.0.3538.110'. It is not working on latest version
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    I'd start eliminating possibilities. Start with trying the same behavior in a different browser like safari or edge. Then try eliminating all the javascript off the page and see if that makes the user see something. Slowly, one by one, you should start to see some clues. Hopefully this helps.
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