Can I sort values in a template field?

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I have a template field which lists all child objects (permission sets) for a user. Can I order the values within the template field alphabetically? For example, if user Olya has 4 permissions (View Opps, Edit Accounts, Manage Templates, Delete Contacts) how do I get those 4 values in the field to be displayed alphabetically (Delete, Edit, Manage, View)?  


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    In the model which queries for the child records, sort the model by name.
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    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the response! But I am not using a model for child records, I have only one model (users) and I'm pulling in fields from a child record through Fields>Child Relationships. 
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    In your Child Relationship, go to Properties and there's a spot to add the sort logic.
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    Thank you, John, that solved it!!
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