What version of Font Awesome is Skuid using (11.2.10)?

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I see everywhere references to "Font Awesome 4" but not the specific version, and upon trying to using this hourglass icon in a template nothing loads:


You can see on this page, FA mentions it being added in 4.4, and the latest version is 4.7.


How can I see what version Skuid is using, and are there any plans to increase the version to the latest?



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    Okay, this is stranger than I thought. So if I use fa-check like so:

     <i class="fa fa-check fa-4x" style="color:#80D651"></i>

    It works peachy.

    I also see it exists in skuidtheme.css:

    .fa-check:before {
        content: "f00c"

    However, Hourglass DOES exist in the options for a button icon:

    ..but no trace of it seems to be in skuidtheme.css?

    So I guess my question is two-fold now: Which version of FA is used, and what's going on with hourglass?

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    Anyone? :(
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