How can I keep users from saving changes when disconnected, or let them know they’ve disconnected an

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If a user has an intermittent connection or spotty service, I want to let the user know that they're disconnected so that they don't accidentally lose their work. Specifically, I'd like to disable the save button and give them a notification, on top of what Salesforce already gives me. What options does Skuid give me?


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    In both Skuid for Salesforce and Skuid Platform, the Actions Framework has a number of actions that can hook into connect/disconnect events automatically. Salesforce Mobile and desktop gives the user a notification when they are disconnected and reconnected. In this case I wanted to have more control over the behavior of the page based on the user’s connection, which makes Skuid’s actions a good fit on top of what Salesforce gives us out of the box.

    In the following example, which shows Skuid in a Lightning page on Salesforce mobile, I’m using the Connect/Disconnect event to update a ui-only field that drives conditional rendering for the notification, and conditional enabling of the Save button. (This works in desktop pages as well as mobile.)

    NOTE: There are a number of additional features available with Skuid’s Offline Mode, which can be enabled under the Configure section of the Skuid app. But Offline Mode is *not* required for the Connected/Disconnected events to work!

    More info on Offline Mode:

    For more details on offline events and actions, check out the Action Sequences page in Skuid Docs:

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