Support for the Time field type?

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Does Skuid for Salesforce have support for the Time field type? Or are there any known workarounds (custom renderer?) that have been shared in the Community already? Apologies if there are - I've not been able to find any.

The problem I'm having - I have a Time field. In standard Salesforce UI, there's a nice Time Picker widget that lets a human select a time, but then makes sure it gets saved in the correct format in the back end (e.g. 11:00.000+00:00Z or something like that).

In Skuid however, it's presented as a plain old text field. Unless you put in a string that is in the correct format, you can't save the record.

This is on Millau, and though we're having this issue in a Community, it appears to be a problem for internal Salesforce users as well.


  • Zach McElrathZach McElrath Principal Software Engineer Chattanooga, TN 💎💎💎
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    Gary, it is on our backlog to add a "Time" renderer, that is essentially just the time portion of our current "Datetime" renderer. But currently there's no built-in renderer for it.
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    Thanks for the confirmation Zach!
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    Thanks Zach. Is there a timeline for this (see what I did there?)?Many thanks
  • rslackrslack ✭✭✭✭
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