html escaping issue with picklist values that contain apostrophe

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I've tried on a few different themes, and I've upgraded to 11.2.10 but the issue persists.

As displayed on Skuid page...


Salesforce picklist values...


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    Is that column a template field, displaying {{Service_Location__c}}? If so, try {{{Service_Location__c}}}.

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    Hi Mike, 

    No not a template field, just a regular old field. I tried your suggestion using the template field with 3 curly brackets, but the issue is persisting even in the template field.

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    I'm thinking theme or css then, which are not my expertise. I can't duplicate the display with any of the culprits I can come up with.
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    Just a thought - what happens if you edit the picklist value in Salesforce and insert the inverted comma using your keyboard - i.e. manually type in the picklist value - could be an artefact from a copy/paste into the picklist value?
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    Louis - thanks, this in fact was a result of a copy/paste artefact as you said. However, I was a bit of an idiot here because I had previously solved this issue, but only de-activated the bad value instead of deleting and replacing with the valid value. So those records were still just referencing the de-activated (bad) value.

    My bad... :/
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