Field in Salesforce community doesn't render properly

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Within Salesforce community, we have an company name field on our Skuid page.  It renders fine when we log in as admin (we can enter text, search for accounts etc).  But when we log in as a community user, the field doesn't render properly and we can't enter any text or select any account.  I would appreciate some suggests as to that the problem is.  This used to work fine a couple of months ago.  I've also updated Skuid in our sandbox, but the problem still exists.

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    When I have encountered this type of scenario it has generally been linked to security of some sort.  In my case, the community profile didn't have view and/or edit access to the field/record type.  This wouldn't explain why it worked a few months ago, but potentially security has been changed in the sandbox?
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    Normally, this is security related. Because of the community, many things have to be set to public. 
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