Lightning- Page Override issue

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We have an opportunity detail skuid page set to override our standard opportunity page.  This works fine for all users to whom we have assigned the new page.  However.. for some reason our other users (who have not been assigned the new page) are seeing the Classic oppty page instead of the new Lightning version.

I noticed the URL is missing the "?nooverride=true" at the tail end:

If I add that "?nooverride=true" to the end of the URL manually it shows up correctly in the new lightning view.

Why is Skuid not adding the "?nooverride=true" to the end of the URL?


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    What version of Skuid are you on?

    Does this happen for all pages where the basic setup is like this or is it unique to this one page?
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    Millau 11.2.6

    This is the only page that we have set as an override to a standard page.  
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    Hi Steve, when you bring Skuid's Page Assignments into the mix, you'll need to make sure you cover all the scenarios - was there an "organization default" set up in your page assignments that'll cover anyone who hasn't been assigned the Skuid Page? 

    Also, since you're in Lightning, this documentation should be helpful, if you haven't already reviewed it:

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    Hi Steve,

    Just checking in to see if this issue is still affecting you. If so, let us know what your current status & roadblocks are. 

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