Millau Upgrade 11.2.9 - Compare External Id Row Context with Model

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Recently upgraded Skuid from version Rockaway - Iteration 15 8.15.17 to Millau 11.2.9.  There seems to be a potential bug when comparing an ExternalId row context with the ExternalId on the model.  The model in focus is a (REST endpoint).

There's a table row action that opens a popup.  The popup opens a field editor component with the following context (see screenshot below).  It seems to work when I use the "Name" field in the comparison, but it never works with "ExternalId".  When I say "never works", I mean that the data for the row that was selected is never retrieved.  Another thing to point out is that the below context condition works on the Rockaway iteration that we are upgrading from. 

The workaround is to create a Ui Only formula field that reflects the External Id data but as a text data type.

Not sure if this issue has anything to do with the model being a Rest endpoint or data source.  Seems like a skuid bug.  Any thoughts?

Thank you!



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    Hi Robert, I'm afraid that your post fell off the radar. If you still see the issue, could you create a simple repro page and share the XML here?
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