Possible bug in 11.2.8

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 Hi there, 

I found an issue with skuid version 11.2.8 that model definition/model is not cleared after going to different page. 

The scenario is we have a container page called Navigator. In Navigator, we have a page include with id main-include. 

We use javascript to change skuid page for the page include (main-include) like this. 

var $ = skuid.$;
var pageName = 'shared_task_list'; // we switch this page based on the
//record/view dynamically. E.g. if you click on a task
//subject link we navigate to task view page by //switching pageName to task_basics_view.
var include = $('#main-include');
var includeObj = include.data('object');
includeObj.pagename = pageName;
includeObj.objecttype = '';
includeObj.querystring = queryString; includeObj.load();

This is all good about switching the page. However, I can still access the model 'Shared_Tasks' of page shared_task_list even after navigating to task_basics_view page which contains only  'Task' model. Is this expected behaviour? 

Thank you.


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    Any update on this please?
  • Zach McElrathZach McElrath Principal Software Engineer Chattanooga, TN 💎💎💎
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    Gyan, was the "Shared_Tasks" Model being removed previously? What Skuid version were you on before updating to 11.2.8?

    Just to clarify, which Skuid page contains the "Shared_Tasks" model? Is it the parent page? If so, then it would be expected that the Shared_Tasks model will still be there. If the Shared_Tasks model is in the page being included, "shared_task_list", then this would be a bug, it should be getting removed when you switch to a different page.
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    Hi Zach, yes "Shared_Tasks" model was being removed in previous version (11.1.11) of skuid.

    Model "Shared_Tasks" is contained in the included page ("shared_tasks_list") not in the parent page. The shared_task_list page is switched with task_basics_view page using JavaScript. Even after the pageinclude object loaded with new page we can still access model from the old page.

    From your reply this seems to be a bug in version 11.2.8.

    Thank you.
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    Hi Zach, 

    The issue exists in skuid version 11.2.9 as well. Do we have ETA for the fix.

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    Hi Zach ... I see this issue is marked Solved. What's the solution?

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    Hi team, 

    Do we have any update on the progress of this?

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