Best Practice: Update Amount on OpportunityLineItem Adjustments

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Seems like a very simple question with a multitude of answers. Currently, I have the Opportunity Model set to re-query as an Action on our save button. But I'm not entirely sure if this would be considered "current best practice" considering some of the updates released in the past few years.

A few solutions I've used in the past are; 
  1. Re-Query Opportunity model after saving all models though an Action Framework button (Current)
  2. Model Action on OpportunityLineItem Model that Re-Queries Opportunity Model "When Model Saved"
  3. Use a UI-Only field to replace Opportunity "Amount" field
  4. A Snippet-based approach
I was curious to see if there is a better/faster standard for this type of operation?


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    Hi Erik

    Normal behaviour after save is a natural data refresh which is reflected in the Skuid Model and the Ui.  Depending on your data source object and your bandwidth it might take a while to refresh. What is your data source? It sounds like you may be using SF?
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    Yeah we're using Salesforce as the data source and we're in lightning so I'm sure that has implications.

    Now if you use a UI field or Rollup formula field they do update fairly quickly; however, the standard "Amount" field won't actually update on it's own (without refreshing). 

    I guess the methodology behind an approach like this would be to conditionally render the typical "editable" amount field when there are 0 lineitems & display the rollup amount (or UI) field when there are? That is if you needed users to be able to define an amount prior to lineitem creation. 

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    Hi Erik

    Now that I know you are on SF there are restrictions to apdating the Amount field.  Here is an article that explains the issue and has a further link to view how opportunity fields behave.

    I would also recommend checking to see if there isn't a workflow that is connected to this field over and above the standard SF restrictions.

    Hope this helps.

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