Image size makes reviewing of ID documents difficult

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Hi guys, we are using skuid for reviewing Applications. As part of the application process our customers upload ID documents (passport, driving licence, bank statements etc.) Our team find it difficult to review the images due to the size setting on Skuid. Is there a setting which allows us to view a full image/document at once without the need to scroll around the page. Example attached



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    What is your current setup? Have you tried Responsive Grids or Wrappers?
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    Skuid on Salesforce, Brooklyn (9.5.14). I had a little play around with Responsive Grids and Wrappers but so far unable to figure out the solution. Can you provide any instructions?
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    Hi Stephen, are you able to provide any further assistance with this one?
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    I can't replicate this beyond 11.1.6. I have a responsive grid with a File Upload component in it. The responsive grid has a specified Column Gutter Size and Row Gutter Size set to 200px. This is shrinking a master photo over 2000px by 2000px to a 200x200 image. I can see the entire photo. 
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    Cheers for that, will have another play around with responsive grid today see if I can achieve what I'm looking for. Sounds like we're a slightly different setup to you in that we wouldn't be uploading images directly to Skuid but rather through both a Community Portal and email
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    I'm not sure about the email setup but this should be possible in a Community Portal. Let me know if you have problems after upgrading.
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