multiple error messages

BillBill 💎
edited May 12, 2020 in Questions
I have multiple error messages showing.  How can I have them show once?


  • edited August 15, 2018
    What is your current setup?
  • BillBill 💎
    edited May 12, 2020
    Hello Stephan, not sure I understand the question
  • edited August 15, 2018
    In the page builder. How do you have things arranged there to where you're receiving this now? This looks like multiple components. 
  • BillBill 💎
    edited May 12, 2020
    There are multiple components.  The error is showing on the components
  • edited August 20, 2018
    Then the error will show for each component. This is expected behavior. If you want the error to show once, I'd recommend combining these into one component. 
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