Skuid Mobile Theme Composer is not loading

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I am planning to create a new skuid theme for mobile. We are currently on skuid version 11.0.2.

Am seeing loading message for ever.


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    Sometimes for me trying a different browser has helped. I have also run into this issue on occasion. I don't know if it is a bug or not, but this has been my workaround when this has happened. 

    Hope this helps,

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    Thank you Jeff for response on this. I have tried Chrome and Firefox and its not working on both of them.

    This issue is only for mobile theme (creating this for 1st time), desktop theme load fine.
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    Praveen....I should have been more specific, sorry about that.

    I have only used the desktop themes editor in my travels. We use it responsively across desktop and tablet experiences for a client. When I have had trouble loading I have tried IE/Edge browsers and incognito browsing. Sorry I cannot be more help than that. 

    Perhaps the folks at Skuid will chime in eventually. 

    Best Regards - Jeff
  • Cody TaylorCody Taylor ✭✭✭
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    Hi Praveen,

    Despite some lingering options in Skuid's UI, the Mobile Composer was deprecated in Skuid Brooklyn (v9.1) in November 2016: 

    As of Skuid Millau (v11), it is actually no longer possible to access the Mobile Composer unless your Skuid instance already contains pages built with the Mobile Composer. This also means that it is not possible to create a new Mobile Composer theme, hence the error message you are seeing.

    Since the Mobile Composer is deprecated and will no longer be receiving updates, we encourage any users building for mobile to design with the App Composer's more mobile-focused features: 

    - the Deck component

    - Interactions (particularly the Press and Swipe action types)

    - responsive Tables

    Hope this is helpful!
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