I have a skuid page with multiple tabs. How can I get the tab names to be dynamic based on values wi

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have a tab named "Identity", and within that tab is a field that user can set to Pass. Once that field is set to Pass, I want the tab name to read "Identity Passed" (or even change the font color)


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    The best solution I know of is to use a UI only field. Let's say you have a UI-only-field on the model with a formula that says something like IF(fieldPass=Pass,"Identity Passed", "Identity"). Then in the tab name you could have {{$Model.modelname.data.0.UI-only-field}}.

    However, Skuid won't automatically change the name of the tab when the UI-only-field changes from Identity to Identity Passed. You have to hide & re-show the tab or tabset for it to figure out the value changed. I'm not sure the exact nature of your page, but you would probably want to work in an action somewhere after the fieldPass is updated that hides & shows the tab or tabset.

    I haven't done this one in recent versions of skuid, but at least in 10.X this was my trick for dynamically changing tab names.
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    Thanks, Matt! The idea worked.Tried the IF formula but couldn't get it to populate correctly, then tried JOIN_TEXT and COMBINE_STRINGS to simply write out the name. After a good amount of trial and error, finally got it to populate the UI field properly. Making the tab name equal to that UI field is working fine - thanks for that suggestion.

    I used COMBINE_STRINGS("Identity ",{{fieldName}}) as the formula for the UI field.
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