Schedule dashboard for email?

PaulPaul ✭✭
edited July 23, 2018 in Questions
We'd like to rebuild the executive dashboard in salesforce on Skuid, but the feature holding us back is the that the salesforce dashboards can be scheduled and emailed out. 

Any thoughts on ways to do this with skuid?  Hacks welcome, as I assume there is nothing out of the box for this...



  • Bill McCulloughBill McCullough 💎💎
    edited July 20, 2018

    I have not tried could create a VF page using the Skuid markup that loads your dashboard.  Then create a schedulable Apex Class to send the email.  The class should 'load' the page and run a 'getContent'.  Then create an attachment or contentdocument and attach this to your email.


  • John DahlbergJohn Dahlberg ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 21, 2018
    Here's another suggestion.  I haven't tried this, but you can wrap skuid pages in visualforce pages and add these pages to a Salesforce Dashboard.  You should be able to use the native scheduling capability with this approach.
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