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Seems like everyone is talking about Airtable these days. Just one example, my wife is an teacher and has for years struggled to even understand what I do as a Salesforce / database consultant. This weekend she built her own CRM base on airtable in a matter of hours, and got extremely excited about building out her entire side business on Airtable. Kind of makes me start thinking of Salesforce as "old school".

As that business grows, I can imagine the need to connect airtable bases to a customer community to expose certain data to the customer.

Seems like a good idea for Skuid to build out a data source connector.

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    Hey, Conlan. Thanks for the idea! This is one that we heard recently from one of our internal folks too (we also love Airtable, by the way). I suspect this will pick up a bit of steam. We'll keep an eye on it, either way. 
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