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Hello all again,

Trying to build a cleaner method of adding and removing accounts from a custom list.

1) At the moment i can add if the account doesnt exist in my list. Save model and it is added.

2) I can mark it for delete in the event i want to remove it from my list. Save model and it is removed.

3) If i wish to add it again, ideally i would like to just update the check box for IsDeleted to be unchecked for that given account. As opposed to adding the account as a brand new line.

But i cannot figure out a way to do this.

Please note this is not 'unmarking row for deletion' as the model at this point would have already been saved in a state of IsDeleted = True.

Any help would be appreciated.




  • Mark DeSimoneMark DeSimone 🛠️ 
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    Hi Peter, 

    When you say that you're trying to remove these accounts from your list, do you intend for them to be deleted from Salesforce entirely? From what I'm reading, undeleting a record must be done from the Salesforce recycle bin, so the Skuid page won't be able to modify the "Deleted" field. 
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    Thanks for your response Mark, I am new to Skuid and Salesforce but i believe i understand.

    Effectively when you delete a row (through Skuid or Salesforce), it is Deleted and effectively it is no longer editable. Although the deleted entry is still visible where the entry is marked as deleted.

    The only way to edit (or undelete) a deleted row would be to move these from the 'recycle bin' back to undeleted is through the recycle bin in Salesforce only.

    Within Skuid, once it marks it as deleted it cannot be manipulated again.

    Does that make sense?

    And i imagine your first point
    "When you say that you're trying to remove these accounts from your list, do you intend for them to be deleted from Salesforce entirely?"
    Is eluding to creating a flag that i can toggle which would replace the IsDeleted checkbox.
  • Mark DeSimoneMark DeSimone 🛠️ 
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    Hi Peter,

    It sounds like what you're after is a way to flag certain accounts, and create a list of accounts that have that flag. To do that, you could add a custom field onto the Account object to use as the flag, unless you can use one of the existing fields. There are lots of possibilities, thanks to the Salesforce platform - like a custom checkbox field (perhaps this thread would be helpful: https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000gxHiAAI), or the built-in owner or industry fields, for example. Once you have found the right way to flag accounts, your Skuid models can make use of the flag for filtering, and so on.

    This is a really general explanation, but it sounds like you have an idea of what to do. Have you considered looking into training? The Community is full of very smart people who are happy to assist. Having some basics about Skuid under your belt will make it easier to translate your use cases and community suggestions into buildable ideas driven by Skuid+Salesforce.
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    Thanks Mark,
    Yes i did training where 2 Skuid members came onsite but that was well over a year ago. Picking it back up now for the first time and trying to implement a new idea, but i have to put myself in the Skuid/Salesforce mindset which differs to some of the other tools that i use more frequently.
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