missing option for Branch (Action Framework)

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Can't find the option described in the documentation below:

After running the branch

My skuid set up only has 4 options in the action for a branch
  1. Action Type
  2. Formula
  3. Formula Context Model (optional)
  4. Description
Any help would be greatful,




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    What version are you running? The "After running the branch" option was only added recently, in v11.1.8.
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    thanks Mike,

    Appreciate the response and will check my current version.

    In the likely case that i am on the older version, do you know how the branch logic would work?

    Should i create another branch for my else option?
    Or is it assumed that actions outside the branch won't run if the branch condition is invoked.


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    As I recall, your assumption would be correct. Here is a URL to a slightly older doc:


    Add actions to the branch:
    • To add true actions to the branch, click Add If-True Action on the branch and format the action.
    • To add actions that occur if the branch’s logic is not true, click Add Action (at the top level) and place those actions after the branch action. With conditional branching, the actions Skuid perform depend on if the branch’s logic is true:
      • If the formula is true, then the If-True actions connected to this branch occur—ignoring any actions listed after the branch action in the Action Framework sequence.
      • If the formula is false, Skuid skips the branch—and all actions listed within it—and proceed with any actions listed after the branch.
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