Change to Page Include Query String Merge Syntax on 11.2

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Hi Skuidsters, 

Updated to 11.2 yesterday and noticed a change to the Page Include Query String Merge Syntax behaviour. Previously, parameters could be passed on to the page include with double mustache such as {{$Param.Id}} or {{$}}. I now have to use triple mustache for the page include to use the value such as {{{$}}}. The page still recognises the page include parameter being present with the old double mustache, however the value only gets passed on if the triple mustache is used. Let me know if you can replicate this. 

Many thanks, 



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    I think this is the new normal. You will probably have to grow out your 'stache on URL's too. It may be related to craft breweries in Chattanooga.
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    (Ignore that last sentence.)
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    I haven't run into the problem with links yet, but will keep an eye out. Yes, pesky hipsters ruining it for everyone. Also: any advice in case someone is struggling to grow out their 'stache? Asking for a friend. Any testosterone-enhanced responses appreciated!
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    Nothing beats 100 push ups, 100 pull ups, 100 squats EVERYDAY!!! for maximum beard enhancement. Even if you're beard is unresponsive, it'll still give you the perks as if the beard was responsive.

    Sometimes having a shorter mustache is preferred, like for blowing smoke rings. Shorter brings in all the information along with it. Longer mustaches are better at conquering the wild west. New territory like page includes can't handle all that extra information. They need simplicity. Sometimes the natives couldn't handle the foreign languages and ideas, but they recognize the gloriousness of the lengthy stache. More brings less yet gives you more - the deep things of manliness.
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    I'm not sure if this has to do with it, but regardless of the number of braces used, I had a similar issue with global merging using a UI only field. It took me a solid few hours to realize if I "save" the UI model, only then will the page include actually receive the page parameter.

    P.S. I do not have a mustache and am unable to grow sidebeard but can confirm after many years of training that I'm receiving perks as if the beard was responsive.
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