Help need to subtotal a field using UI

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I'm new to Skuid.

I'm trying to get the sum of the project from the field Testqtrf (Testqtrf is a UI field which is %complete * Amount -incl. deliverables) of the same project and populate it into the field Current Quarter Amount in Model 2. 

You will notice Tullow WR 25 has two project. So the Sum of Testqtrf needs to be populated into Current Quarter Amount field. 

Suggestions are welcome. 

Model 1

Model 2


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    Hello Toms,

    Have you had a chance to check out our documentation around UI-Only Models and Fields? This page: has a handful of documentation and examples for using UI-Only features that might prove handy for you to reference.


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    Hi Josh,

    I went through the material. What i'm trying to do is the following:

    POC*Amount (including Deliverable)
    So from the above example the result to populate under the column Current Quarter Amount is the following: 709,7744 = (584401*100%) + (125373*100%)

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    Any solution to this? I have a similar need and have reviewed the UI-Only documentation but haven't been able to work out a solution.
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