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Hello folks,

One thing I've noticed using a public Lightning Community is that whenever you save a Skuid page and it updates the page pack static resource it overwrites the Cache Control to Private. We have to set this to 'Public' to get the Skuid page to load in a public Community. It'd be cool if Skuid could provide a setting to make the page pack public rather than private.




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    Louis, the cache control on Page Packs has nothing to do with whether a Skuid Page is visible in a public Lightning Community. Page Packs have no effect on how Skuid works at runtime --- they are purely a vehicle for moving Skuid Pages between different Salesforce Orgs, e.g. between Sandbox and Prod. 

    If you want a Skuid Page to be visible in a public Lightning Community or a public Site, you need to go to the Skuid Page Composer for that Page, click "Share", and then add "Read-Only" access to the page for the Salesforce User(s) associated with the public Lightning Community/ Site. Also you will need to ensure that these Public Site User(s) have the "Skuid Page Viewer" Permission Set assigned / or have the corresponding permissions on their Profile.
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    Ah, so sorry Zach - I meant Support File rather than Page Pack - I get those mixed up. We have to set the cache control of the Support File to public.
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    So - we have a bunch of javascript on one of the pages which gets pulled into the Support File - unless that support file is public the page doesn't render in the Lightning Community. Will the Page sharing you mentioned work to fix that?
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