Has Summer 18 broken Skuid pages in a Community templates?

GaryGary Member
edited May 2018 in Problems
I have a project in a scratch org that's built on the Partner Central community template, and embeds Skuid pages.

Over the weekend, my scratch org was upgraded to Summer 18, and it appears that something has changed that breaks Skuid pages. In the console, I get an error "Invalid XML" and then a dump of the page XML, with the following beneath it:
    at Function.error (skuid__JQueryJS:1)
    at Function.na.parseXML (skuid__JQueryJS:3)
    at Object.vb [as makeXMLDoc] (skuid__SkuidJS:6)
    at eval (skuid__SkuidJS:24)
    at l (skuid__JQueryJS:2)
    at Object.m (skuid__JQueryJS:2)
The page still works with an internal user. I also updated the community to point to a much simpler Skuid page (basically "Hello World"), and the same error occurs.

My guess is that the way the page XML is being returned from Apex has changed in some way for Community users, that's breaking whatever is used to parse the page XML.


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