New Salesforce "individual" field on contact not visible in model

Glenn DalyGlenn Daly Member
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I have enabled the new "Individual" object from Salesforce in our sandbox. I wish to create a Skuid page for object records of this type. I also wish to add the lookup field that comes with this new object on contact object record pages.

When I try to create a new model with "Individual" being the associated object, the object name doesn't appear. Likewise if I try to add the "Individual" field on contact object, to a Skuid page, it too is not visible.

I have upgraded our instance of skuid to 11.1.10. But I still face the same issue. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Interestingly Salesforce documentation says the individual object is only available in api version 42 and later


  • Zach McElrathZach McElrath Skuad
    edited April 2018
    Glenn, you won't be able to access the Individual object or field until we release our "Millau Update 2" release this May. The latest releases of Skuid, Millau 11.1.x, allow you to query objects/fields available up to API 41.0, and the Individual Object was released in API 42.0. We have to do a new major version release of Skuid in order for Skuid to access objects/fields in higher API versions. The Millau Update 2 release will allow access to API 42 objects and fields.

    So, timeline for the ability to do this is: May 2018!
  • Glenn DalyGlenn Daly Member
    edited January 3
    Zach, Do you have any update on when "Millau Update 2" is going to be released? I have some work scheduled for this sprint as I understood it was going to be in May, is this still the case?
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