Charts are not filtered for null values

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I have chart which uses an aggregate model and displays values for different Regions. When I click on any region on the chart, it filters model to show data for the selected region only. There are some records where Region is blank so chart group them under "null" category. The problem is that when I click on null category on the chart, it does not filter model where Region is null. Is that the standard behavior? Can this be fixed?


  • Luzie BaumgartLuzie Baumgart Skuid Mod
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    Hi Shalabh Sharma, can you reproduce this issue on a new page that only contains the chart and standard salesforce objects and fields? If yes, could you please share the XML? I would like to test it.
    Thanks, Luzie
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    Sorry but what we have is a complete custom implementation and we dont use standard objects so replicating it would be difficult. But what I notice is that when I try to click on the null category the generated query on the model, does not have that null check.
  • Mike DwyerMike Dwyer Member
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    We had a similar issue with charts listing clients and a small number of responses at regular meetings. Frequently the Response value was "None" (i.e. null) and there was no information generated for that slice of the "pie." We restructured the object and interface so that a "Not Answered" value could be defaulted into the field and clean up the chart. (This was in Brooklyn, by the way.)
    One suspects a test case might be built using the User object, Luzie, as we also would need to do in our fully custom environment.
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    So, you are suggesting to replace all "null" values with an actual "Null" picklist value? 
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