Any ideas how to cancel a table mass action with JavaScript snippet?

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I'm trying to write my own custom Mass Update on a table that I have (because I don't want to allow mass update of all fields on the row, but I do want them on the row).  I have everything working with one exception.  At the end after I do the mass update I "unselect" the rows in the table.  Unfortunately, the mass action doesn't go away even though there are no longer any rows selected.

I'm hoping someone can help me identify a way to cancel that mass action through a javascript snippet.  Of course I'm open to better ways to accomplish as well.  FYI, in another page I was able to re-query the model and that took care of it.  Re-querying here will lose the changes I've done with the mass action.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

FYI . . . I'm new to Skuid and this is my first post, so be nice :D


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    Hmmm ... seems strange. Any errors in console?
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    No errors, Pat.  The part I like the least is if I click Mass Update again, it will apply to all rows . . . even though none are checked.

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    I'm not a JavaScript guy, so I figured I should share with you the snippet I'm using to un-select . . . the problem could start there.


    var table = skuid.$( '#LeadTable' ),
    if ( table.length ) {
       list = 'object' ).list;
       selectedItems = list.getSelectedItems();
       var i = 0;      
       for( i=0; i < selectedItems.length; i++ ) {
          var itemRow = selectedItems[i];
          itemRow.selected = false;
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    Mark DeSimone provided a solution.  In short, I added skuid.$C("LeadTable").render() to the end of the script and it works!  Not sure how, not sure why, but it does the job.  Mark says there may be a declarative way to do it as well, but I haven't tried that yet.

    Thanks, all!
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