Replacing the Calendar Popup with a Sliding Panel

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Has anyone replaced with standard calendar event popup with a sliding panel? 


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    Anyone know if this is possible?
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    Hi Josef Not sure I understand your question? Do you want to place a calendar in a sliding panel or just the events list?
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    When a users clicks on a calendar event a pop up appears. I’d like to be able to toggle a sliding panel upon click vs. a pop up. Reason being the calendar is used on mobile and clicking an event to display a pop up on mobile is very undesirable.
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    'When a users clicks on a calendar event'– is this a Skuid calendar component or a Salesforce component you are referring to?
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    A Skuid calendar component 
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    Apologies for the late reply.  At the moment there are only the options to show the default/custom popup or run a snippet or run a snippet before pop up or none.

    Something you could try is to create a second Model using the event object and set a condition on the Model to the record Id. On the same model you could set a Model Action that when the model is Queried to show the sliding panel with the event detail. Then create a snippet to query the model and run it from the calendar Event Source - Event on click Behaviour and show a Popup to confirm the action/s and then set the Model condition for the record in context. This is just one way to explore.

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