How to change render text of a salesforce hyperlink formula field in a table

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Hi All, 

I have a table pulling in formula field from salesforce. The formula field is of the form: 
hyperlink('',"Link Title That Is Too Long")
The link in the table works as intended but I am looking for a way to change the text on the link in skuid alone without editing the field itself.

I have tried using a template field with no luck (only getting the same link or the raw html tag). I also attempted a custom field renderer but I am not sure what JS to leverage to achieve this. The below field renderer applied to the field gives a string but the < and > signs are not rendered correctly:
var field = arguments[0];  var cellElem = field.element;  var value = arguments[1];    cellElem.text( value );
 The raw field value is a string in the form of an <a href=""></a> tag so I am not sure how I can use a field renderer to change the tag's text or to have different text point to the same link. Any tips are greatly appreciated!
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