Mark Delete Row using Snippet

I am using following block of code to mark rows in model for deletion.
if( >0){
but it is doing nothing. Don't understand where it is wrong. Help me in understanding it. I tried to implement it from this Skuid document


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    I see deleteRow() but I don't see abandonAllRows()
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    Yes, I want to mark row for deletion. So on save of the model row will be deleted from Salesforce database. I believe abandonAllRows() is to remove data from model, that won't delete any data from Salesforce database.
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    Are you trying to delete all of the rows in the  model?  If so, instead of, use delQliPri.getAllRows() in the each statement.  Also, call deleteRow(row), instead of {Id:row.Id}
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    Thank you Peter, this helped me.
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