Mark Delete Row using Snippet

I am using following block of code to mark rows in model for deletion.
if( >0){
but it is doing nothing. Don't understand where it is wrong. Help me in understanding it. I tried to implement it from this Skuid document


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    I see deleteRow() but I don't see abandonAllRows()
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    Yes, I want to mark row for deletion. So on save of the model row will be deleted from Salesforce database. I believe abandonAllRows() is to remove data from model, that won't delete any data from Salesforce database.
  • Peter HalePeter Hale ✭✭
    edited March 9, 2018
    Are you trying to delete all of the rows in the  model?  If so, instead of, use delQliPri.getAllRows() in the each statement.  Also, call deleteRow(row), instead of {Id:row.Id}
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    Thank you Peter, this helped me.
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