How do I select Field Editors from a specific Tab?

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I'd like to know if there is a way to select all field editors inside a tab that has been selected by the user.


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    Can you be more specific in what you're requesting? What do you mean by selecting? What are you wanting to accomplish by selecting? Pictures are extraordinarily helpful.
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    For the sake of client confidentiality I can't post pictures.

    As to be more precise I have a SKUID page with numerous Tabs.
    Each Tab holds multiple Field Editors, where each Field Editor may have different Models.
    Now by selected I mean click, so when a User clicks a specific Tab and sees its content, a JS would check if the User has the appropriate Profile and if they don't have all the Field Editors rendered read-only.
    Not all Tabs have this requirement and all Field Editors in all tabs have read as the default mode.
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    Have you thought about using this declaratively with conditional rendering in Skuid? Is there functionality you're wanting with the JS that can't be provided with declarative means alone?
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    I have done it declarative. I created clone of tabs with the field editors having a different mode. Then have conditional render give the expected output.

    This method does the job, but it's very messy especially for an ever-growing SKUID page. I'd rather have the functionality be in a JS so that those that follow after me and work with me don't to do the same changes twice for one tab - on again a page with multiple tabs.
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    Two other ideas: 
    1. Skuid will respect the profile information about all fields.  So you might have an acceptable solution without doing anything.  (What I don't know is whether someone with R/O access to a field would be prevented from putting the field in edit mode - of they'd get an error on save...)

    2. You can keep things in a single tab - by using conditional enablement on a field by field basis.  ONly enable fields that correspond to the right profiles. 
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