"Saving..." does not disappear

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As the title states, when our users hit the "Save" button the "Saving..." graphic does not disappear but the record changes do in fact save. The issue here is user end up waiting for it to go away or click the save multiple times which sometimes initiates trigger functionality multiple times. 


Settings below:

Has anyone experienced this before? It is confusing many users.


  • Josef LagorioJosef Lagorio Member
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    I've experienced this as well. It might be a known issue with the default save button type. 

    You can work around this by switching the button type to "Run Multiple Actions" and adding in the save action. 
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    I've experienced this in Brooklyn (can't remember if it was in Bonzai) almost every time I use a Skuid Save button with multiple models... which is why I always create my own Save button as Josef suggests above.

    Thanks for reporting it. Guess I should have, but it was always easier just to create a custom Save.

  • Stephen SellsStephen Sells Member
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    I haven't been able to reproduce this in 11.0.5 using many models on the save button. 
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    Hi All, thanks for the replies. I believe I am on Brooklyn but was able to resolve by using the Run Multiple Actions button type, added block UI, save, unblock UI and have a cleaner setup. Thanks!
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