Search Return Object Actions (No Row Context)

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Has anyone solved for this, please?

I'm using a Search component to search for existing records that could be part of a many-to-many relationship. Ideally, I'd like to have an action that will allow me to link an existing record to the object I'm working on.

Should be pretty simple stuff except: The return object actions don't run in the context of the row you're executing them on so for example, I can't use {{Id}} to update my object. I end up with the Skuid ID rather than a real Salesforce ID.

Interestingly enough... I can do it as a Select action and it works fine; however that's a less ideal user experience since it's not clear that simply clicking the result will kick-off actions.

Help, please!


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    What are you desiring to make it clear to the end user to click the result returned by the search?
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    I like that Global and Object actions on the Search was they show text at the end so a user could "Select" a record and go view it or use one of the listed actions to do something else. Select record has the record context where the others didn't.

    I ended up taking a different design approach to get the same place though!
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