inserting values into a richtext field (CKEditor)

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Hi all,
I'm trying to find a way to insert value from "outside" into a richtext field (CKEditor) via JS snippet. While there are some examples available regarding normal CKEditor usage (, I get stuck at the very first step -> getting the CKEditor instance in javascript.

This should work
var oEditor = CKEDITOR.instances.yourEditorID;

but "instances" is empty in my skuid page (normal Field Editor showing rich text editor).

Can someone point me the way?


  • Matthew LeahyMatthew Leahy ✭✭✭
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    Hi Andre,

    If I'm understanding the issue correctly, here is a solution employed by one of my fellow engineers.

    Example JS Snippet:

    function insertIntoEditor(text){

    It's possible that the default editor ID is "editor1".

    Example HTML Markup:

    <a onclick="insertIntoEditor('{Event_Edition__c.Name}')">Event Name</a> 

    I hope this puts you back in business.

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    Thanks Matthew,
    accessing the editor with "editor1" didn't work for me.

    Looks like editor IDs are "inherited" from the field editor ID, which can't be influenced at design-time within the skuid page editor (as for as I know). So there is no dedicated ID that can be used.

    Instead I used the following , which obviously only works for one (the first) editor instance within the page.
    var params = arguments[0],
        $ = skuid.$;

    var editor = $('div[class*="cke_editable"]').first(); 
    var editorId = editor.attr('id');

    CKEDITOR.instances[editorId].insertHtml('<ul><li><b>a new html list entry</b></li><li>another one</li><ul>');

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