Salesforce Static Resource javascript code not calling in inline snippet

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I have created custom page in skuid level, I am using already available in-line snippet, In this snippet calling static resource Javascript function but this function calling not working but it is working resource javascript added in same inline snippet. I guess I miss something, Could you please any one help me

- static resource Javascript is a packaged one. I have cloned but still not working.

code below

var params = arguments[0],
$ = skuid.$;

var appRowData = skuid.model.getModel('object1').data[0];
var objId = appRowData.Id;
var title = 'Editing ' + appRowData.Name;
var skuidPage = 'Newpage';
var iframeUrl = '/apex/skuid__ui?page=' + skuidPage + '&id=' + objId;

    title: title,
    iframeUrl: iframeUrl


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    can any one help me one this please,

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    Would you please post a screenshot of your 'JavaScript tab'.  I would like to see how you are referencing your static resource.

    Also, it looks like you are trying to open a particular Skuid page in a popup.  Any reason why you are not using the standard popup with a page include.  I am pretty sure you can open a page include using JavaScript and pass in the name of the page you want to open.


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