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Hi everyone,

I've recently joined the Skuid community. I'm excited to get started! I was succesfully able to get a view page override to work but haven't been able to get the new to work; interestingly enough it works for me as the system admin. For the users they're simply directed to the classic layout and the "nooverride=1" shows up in the URL automatically.

I've tried both of these for Visualforce, again both work for me as system admin:

<apex:page standardClass="CustomObject__c" doctype="html-5.0" readOnly="true" sidebar="false">
    <skuid:page actiontype="New" objectType="CustomObject__c"/>

<apex:page standardController="CustomObject__c"

Key Details:

Version: Millau 11.01
Pages OWD = Public Read Only
Page Assignments OWD = Public Read Only
* All users in the org are licensed with Skuid
* All users in the org have the Skuid Page Viewer permission set
* All users have security access to the override VF pages

I'm out of ideas of what to check. Anyone have any thoughts, please?


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    Make sure you have given the other profiles access to the visual force page in your profile settings.
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    Double-checked just now--all profiles in my org do have access to the VF override pages in security and they're still being redirected to the standard classic layout. Thank you!
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    The issue was the Page Assignment settings and record types--though not something I would have expected so I'll share.

    Previously my settings were like this:

    New - Org Default - Record Type A - Skuid Page A
    New - Org Default - Record Type B - Skuid Page B

    My assumption was that users would be redirected accordingly because many of them only have access to one or the other record type--unfortunately that didn't happen.

    I added a new page assignment that fixed this though:

    New - Org Default - Any Record Type - Skuid Page A

    Now all users are getting appropriate pages based on the record type they select. Oddly enough my View settings weren't configured this way so I'm not sure if that's a gap for the dev team related to New page overrides or not.
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    Hi Dan, thank you very much for closing the loop and sharing your solution. 
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