Querying a model with "Query Deleted / Archived records" property true does not show archived record

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Querying a model with "Query Deleted / Archived records" property true on page load shows archived records. But when querying using skuid action of query model on when tab shown does not show archived records.


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    Adding on some additional information to this potential bug...

    to repro the problem,
    - Create a task model (related to any object, our case was to from an Opportunity detail)
    - Set the model property to query archived / deleted records TRUE
    - Set the model to NOT load on page load

    Add a tab set, set the tab action to query your task model
    Add a table to display the tasks

    With this setup, the archived tasks will not be returned.

    If you remove the tab action to query the model, and instead make your model query on page load - the archived tasks are there.

    So, model queries that are not performed on page load do not appear to respect the "include archived / deleted records" setting on the model.

    This problem is in our production org, on 9.5.6.  I'm not sure if it is a problem in our sandboxes on 10.x ... not sure if we have any archived tasks to test against.

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    This doesn't sound like fun. I haven't been able to reproduce it in 10.x or 11.x but that could very well be because I don't have the proper set up. Would you mind putting the XML of the broken repro?
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