Potential bugs with sliding panels on Skuid Platform

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I'm having trouble with sliding panels on Skuid Platform and think they might be bugs.

1.) I have a sliding panel with a template and a button set. I have the sliding panel set to "Close when user clicks outside of panel". However, when I click anywhere in the sliding panel the panel is closing. I believe the intended functionality is to be able to click anywhere inside the panel including on a button in the button set?

2.) As a workaround to #1, I turned off "Close when user clicks outside of panel" and I added a button with an action to "Close all sliding panels". However, when the button is clicked, nothing is happening.

Any insight is appreciated.



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    I have experienced these same issues and have kind of abandoned sliding panels and gone back to pop ups. Particularly if I have more than one sliding panel in a page ( like two row buttons where each button opens a sliding panel), I get bad results.
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    Same with me, and especially experienced weird or non-responsive behavior when used in IE in particular.
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    Thanks Raymond and Chandra - good to know it's not just me.

    Skuid - is this something on your radar to tighten up? I like the user experience of sliding panels, so would rather use a sliding panel vs a pop-up in some circumstances.
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    For anyone reading this post in the future. I figured out there is a CSS class called "nx-page-clickcatcher". It appears that this class should have a margin that is equal to the position and width of the slider.

    For example, I have a left aligned slider that is width of 225px. The following in-line CSS snippet makes the slider clickable and everything appears to work as advertised.

    .nx-page-clickcatcher {
        margin-left: 225px;

    Hope this helps...
    - Andrew

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