Large apex code chunks causing slow page load. Would like help to diagnose issue.

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Hey All, 

I am trying to diagnose a slow page load but can't seem to find the issue. 

The page is an account detail with quite a few tabs and about 15 models. The page was taking about 9 seconds to load (very slow if you need to reference different accounts quickly) and I was able to bring it down to about 4.5 seconds by deferring most of the models to load data only when their respective tabs are viewed. 

Now when I am looking at the Execution timeline in the dev console it seems that there is a few large chunks of Apex_Code executing time (~1 second for some) that is causing the slow page load.

The execution log for the Apex chunks just show the method /apex/skuid__include Event: ENTERING_MANAGED_PKG. Ideally, I would like to figure out what is causing these so I can get page load down to 1-2 seconds. 

If anyone has any ideas about what is causing this and how to remedy it (or how to dig deeper to find the cause) I would be very appreciative!

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