Attachment related list from Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities

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I have an Account Detail page with related lists for Opportunities, Contacts, Tasks and Attachments.

I am trying to show the Attachments for the Account as well as its related Opportunties and Contacts.   I have tried creating 3 seperate conditions on the Attachment model where ParentId = the Id of each model, and using 1 OR 2 OR 3 in the Condition Logic.   

The Opportunites and Contacts related lists work fine, they both have conditions to link to the Account (Id) and always on.

Using Salesforce Classic.   Any suggestions or directions are greatly appreciated



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    Hi Ann, if youre looking to use classic, you should be able to create an inline VF page for this and a standard controller. The controller will query the related objects and fetch their attachments, which you would then pass back to the VF. I had something similar, where I displayed parent and child case attachments on the parent and child records.

    heres a screenshot, see inline section : Parent/Subcase Attachments

  • AnnAnn Member
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    Wow, nice solution. Thanks for sharing this Royston. I got it going and works awesome!
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