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I have a page that is sent as a confirmation to a site user.  Since they are not internally trained skuid user they do not understand they need to press the checkmark so I can run multiple actions.  The purple fields are actually a formula 

HYPERLINK( Search_URL__c , Search_URL_Name__c , "_blank") 

When I click on the purple field it does take me to the correct url page.  However, I need to update a boolean field in the record with "true" in order to run a process builder and flow. 

Is there a method to run multiple actions on the purple field below?

An example page can be seen at
Click on "History", click on a purple box.  That is when I need a field updated in the record.



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    You might want to try the deck component in the new unified builder (version 10 and up) instead of a table. The deck allows you to put any component inside and makes the whole area clickable and allows multiple actions.
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    I think Skuidward is on to something here. You could put a button set and a field editor in a deck and have some pretty slick looking pages.

    For more info on Decks:
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    Wow.  That is great.  Is there a method to have the mouse become a pointer finger when over card and method to make the entire background of a card a certain color?

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    The browser sets the pointer functionality automatically upon recognizing that it is a link. I don't know of any declarative methods to alter this in skuid.
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