User Password Reset for Salesforce Communities using Skuid Page

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I'm working on a SF communities using the VF+tabs layout. I am using a Header override and all the pages look fine and everything is working.

However, I can't quite figure out how a community user could change their password or trigger a Password reset through Skuid pages. I looked through a bunch of 'User' models available, but I couldn't find the option and I'm not sure if this is possible.

Question: Is there a way for Community user to change and/or reset their password using a Skuid page?
Because since I am overriding the header, they cant access the 'My settings' in the top right corner they would normally see.

Using 10.0.4, any help welcome!



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    Interesting question. Have you tried the Navigation component in Skuid? 

    I'd like you to try something. Check out for the details.

    Our Navigation component can have it's Item Source set to Salesforce User Menu which will contain the "My Settings" option. This should work anywhere but let me know if it doesn't work in Salesforce Communities.
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    Hi Stephen,

    Yes i found that part of navigation now. However, when I log in as a portal user and click 'My Settings' it shows the standard error page. Even Logout doesn't work.

    It shouldn't have to do with permissions, as the user already can access the standard SF My Settings and change PW and language for example. 

    Any further ideas?

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    I can tell you that Salesforce Communities do have a different set of rules and processes from the backend on the Salesforce side. Being notified that you're logged out is a struggle. It wouldn't surprise me if Salesforce requires password resets to be done through the request to the admin rather than done by the individual. 

    My first thought is to make sure that they can do it outside of skuid. If they go to a community page and they can't access their page via no skuid, they won't be able to do it via skuid. I'd first verify that they do have that functionality without skuid.
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    Somehow the image upload doesn't work at the moment...

    What I wanted to show you, is that indeed through the standard Salesforce VF+tabs layout in the standard Salesforce Header, it is still possible to access the User Menu and go to settings, change languages, change password etc. This is indeed outside of the Skuid page and the portal users can do it.


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    Is the standard Salesforce VF you're describing inside a salesforce community or outside a salesforce community?
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    I mean I am using the Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce community (not the Lightning Napili one).

    When I don't override a page with Skuid (or don't override the header), then users can access the standard Salesforce header and are able to enter the active user settings this way.

    Btw. is there some issue on your side with the file upload? I can't upload a file, in either formats and under 2MB?


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    I know this isn't your question, but we use a manual navigation item to log out users of the community.  It is a url redirect to:

    I haven't looked at the change password part.
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    Hi Chandra,

    Thanks, I already managed to create such a button :) I can also change language, so two of my main headaches are solved in this case.

    But I was wondering whether there is a native Skuid solution to this as well.

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    Hi Thomas,
    I was wondering if you found a way to utilize the change password feature from inside Skuid.  I'm using a similar setup were I all Skuid pages for the community.  However, navigating to the standard salesforce profile pages "breaks" the experience.
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